Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Mattress should I buy?

It all depends on a combination of your personal preference, your sleeping position, whether you have any persistent back problems and / or your body weight & height. The best way to determine the comfort of the Mattress is to try it in your normal sleeping position. It is never easy to make a decision by just lying on the bed for a few minutes but try and get a feel of the support the Mattress provides as you try it. Make sure your entire body is supported and there are no “hollow” areas where the Mattress does not provide any support. Our Sales Consultants at the showroom will be more than happy to assist.

How much money should I budget for the Mattress?

We spend about one third of our life sleeping. You must ensure that the Mattress you are getting provides proper comfort for such a significant part of your life. You may compromise on any other piece of furniture in your home but your Mattress. Your Mattress MUST be comfortable or it will affect your well being. Your productivity during the day is directly related to how well your body is rested so get the Mattress that you find most comfortable. We have Mattresses at different price points and it should be noted that it is not necessary that the highest priced Mattress will be most comfortable for everyone.

What if my Partner & I have very different needs on the kind of sleeping surface? What kind of Mattress should we choose so we can both be comfortable?

This can be a little difficult, especially when one person wants the firmest Mattress & the other wants the softest! While we have many Mattresses that are in the medium range, this option may force one or both of you to “compromise” on comfort. We can provide an option of two Mattresses put together with a “zip & link” option so you both get a Mattress of your choice. However, you must make sure the Mattress heights are the same so that the linen that you use will fit both Mattresses and when the bed is made up it will look like a one piece Mattress. Our Sales Consultants can help you select the right Mattresses.

What size Mattress should I get?

Obviously you need adequate sleeping area so your entire body is supported by the Mattress. If you are moving from a larger size bed to a smaller one, this may take some adjustment but it’s easier to get used to sleeping on a larger bed if the one you were using previously was smaller! For those of you who will be sharing the bed with your partner, you must ensure that neither one is disturbed while the other moves in bed. We also provide options on extra long and odd-size Mattresses to our Customers who are taller and require special size Mattresses.

Can I use my own Base or Foundation?

This depends on the kind of foundation you have. Though our Mattresses provide the best support on the matching foundation that we provide, some foundations may be suitable as long as they are properly supported and provide a flat surface. Some spring bases or slatted bases may not be suitable since they will absorb the body weight and not allow the Mattress to provide appropriate support.

What sleeping position is the healthiest?

Generally, sleeping on your back is the healthiest position and causes least strain on your spine and back muscles. Most people, however, sleep on their side and this is generally not bad provided you keep your knees together. It is sometimes difficult to do this since your knees will rub against each other and make you uncomfortable. But Chiropractors often suggest that you use a small pillow between your knees to prevent the knees rubbing against each other. Sleeping on your stomach is the least healthy position since this causes your head to either turn to the extreme right or left that causes undue stress on your spine and muscles.

What is the life of the Mattress?

This really depends on the kind of Mattress you are using. While many people use Mattresses for 10 or 15 years, chances are they are not necessarily getting restful sleep towards the end of that period. Many of our Mattresses are warranted against defects for up to 10 years and may even provide healthy sleep for a longer period of time if they are properly maintained.

How do I know if my Mattress needs to be replaced?

The best way to tell if your Mattress is still good is to see the surface of the Mattress and assess whether it is sagging or if the materials are bunching up that may cause discomfort. Another significant factor to consider is that our needs change as we get older and what seemed to be comfortable when we were younger may not seem to provide the right level of comfort as we age.

What kind of Mattresses do you carry?

We carry a hand picked selection of Mattresses in the firm, medium and soft ranges. Although all our Mattresses are considered “orthopedic mattress”, your personal preferences and your normal sleeping position will generally determine the kind of Mattress that you will find most comfortable.

Should I get a Mattress with Springs or without Springs?

Once again, this will depend on personal taste. The non-spring Mattresses that we carry contain Latex, Memory Foam (also called Visco-Elastic Foam) or a combination of the two materials. The spring unit in the Mattress provides the bounce that you do not generally get in the non-spring Mattresses. Try both kinds and let your body decide which of the two kinds of Mattresses are most comfortable.

What is the difference between the Spring Units?

There are three basic kinds of spring units:

  1. Bonnell Coil
  2. LFK
  3. Pocketed Spring.

Bonnell Springs: This Spring unit is mostly used in the firm Mattresses and though the Mattress with Bonnell Springs has the lowest coil count, the wire used is thicker. Most of the lower priced Mattresses are made with Bonnell Springs as this Spring unit costs less to produce.

LFK: This is a medium coil count spring unit and generally is more supportive than the Bonnell coil because it has higher number of springs although the wire thickness is a little less to compensate for the higher number of springs.
Pocket Springs: These are individual springs in a fabric pocket. The main advantage of the pocket springs is that they prevent “roll-together”. If two people sharing the Mattress have significantly different body weights, this spring unit will prevent the lighter person to roll towards the heavier person. This type of spring unit also causes least disturbance if one person moves. This spring unit has the highest number of coils making it most supportive.

What is Memory Foam or Visco Elastic Foam?

Memory Foam (also known as Visco-Elastic Foam) is the kind of material that creates a “mould” of your body on the Mattress based on the different weight zones of the body and the body curves. People frequently toss & turn at night because the Mattress they sleep on does not provide “customized” support to the protruding parts of your body (such as your shoulders if you sleep on the side) thereby impeding free circulation of blood. Since Memory Foam allows these curved areas to actually sink in further in the Mattress compared to the flatter parts of your body, Memory Foam does not block blood circulation and will provide more restful sleep without the tossing & turning!

What are the benefits of Latex?

Latex is a made out of rubber and is predominantly a natural material. Mattresses with Latex breathe naturally and dissipate body heat quicker across the whole mattress and attract 300% less dust mites. This kind of Mattress is especially suitable for those individuals (particularly children) who suffer from allergies or asthma that is triggered by dust mites.

Which Mattress is suitable for my children?

Children who are generally lighter than adults will be more comfortable on Mattresses that are not too firm so their entire body can get adequate support. We have a couple of Mattress models specifically designed for children from 4 years of age to 14 years. Since our sleeping position is normally “programmed” early in life, parents must encourage their children to sleep on their backs or their sides. Sleeping on your stomach is notorious for causing back & neck problems later in life.

What is the difference between a Spring & Platform Divan Base?

Platform Divan Base is a firm flat surface that the Mattress is placed on. The Spring Base has very firm grid-lock springs that absorbs part of the body weight and “protects” the Mattress from bearing the entire body weight. People who are heavier and who have a tendency to constantly sit on the bed would be well advised to purchase a Spring Base so their Mattress lasts longer.

Can I return the Mattress if I am not comfortable with it?

We will do our best to provide you with the appropriate advice so that you select the right Mattress. However, because we do not sell a Mattress that has been used by someone else, we cannot accept any returns on the Mattresses that we sell. This way you can be sure that the Mattress that we sell to you is brand new that no one has ever used.

How do I care for my Mattress?

Follow the Manufacturers instructions on how to care for your particular Mattress. Some Mattresses have to be turned at least once every three months so the materials get even use. In order to keep your mattress clean, you must use a washable Mattress Protector that breathes. We also have waterproof Mattress Protectors for those who have infants sharing the bed (although infants sharing the bed with adults is strongly discouraged for the safety of the infants) but this kind of Mattress Protector does not breathe easily and will make your bed warm.

Do you have free delivery service?

Yes, we deliver to our Customers in Dubai & Sharjah at no charge. For other locations, please ask the Sales Consultants as there may be a small charge for delivery. However, for a higher volume this charge may be waived depending on the total value of your order.

Will you dispose my old furniture for me?

We are bound by the local laws that prohibit us from disposing old furniture at the Customer’s local disposal facilities. We are required to deliver the old furniture to a special disposal facility far away from the city. For us to provide this service, there may be an additional charge. However, the Customer may be authorized to dispose old furniture at the local facility and we can assist with the disposal if necessary.

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