Cat Owners – How To Nap With Your Cats

If you are one of the pet owners, you should know by now, that anything and everything that you do is going to be interrupted and interfered in by your pet. Something as simple as sleeping can become a challenging task when your pet is around. Here is a guide to successfully taking a nap with your cats:

Napping with cats

Many of us cat lovers adore having our furry friends in the bed with us. But it often costs us asleep. This guide will help you and your cat settle down for a good night’s sleep. Where 62 % of cats sleep with their adult owners and 13 % of cats sleep with the children.

Preparing your cat for bed:

  1. Keep your cat active during the day – have a play sessions in the morning and evening. Take a short walk around the block using a cat leash. Use puzzle toys with the treat inside. Leave out toys the cat enjoys playing by itself.
  2. Have a play session right before bed – if you do it at the same time each day. The cat will come to understand that this means bedtime. But remember adult cat need to sleep 16 hours a day, while kittens sleep even more. Let them nap as long as they need to. Just make sure they get enough exercise. TIP: is your kitten hyper ? finish playtime with a treat so it becomes distracted from playtime. For older cats, it maybe better to use slow moving soft toys.
  3. Feed your cat before bed – cats love to snooze after a meal, so encourage them to eat before bedtime.
  4. Place a perch near your bed – if your cat has a cat bed. Perhaps place it on the perch to encourage your cat to jump onto your bed.
  5. Try a cover on the bed – some cats like to sleep on a freshly washed blanked. Others would prefer you leave some old clothes on the bed so that they can smell you.
  6. Reward the car – hide a treat under a pillow to encourage your cat to climb onto your bed. As the cat gets used to sleeping in your bed. Use fewer treat until you don’t need to use any.

Catty habits that could keep you awake:

Now that you’ve helped get your cat to sleep on the bed. Your may want to correct some of their more irritating behavior if you want a good night’s sleep.

Negative cat behaviors can include:

  • Playful swat to your face.
  • Toe biting
  • Yowling to get attention
  • Bump hunting
  • Pummeling
  • Staring at you

How to correct this behavior ?

  1. Create a Naughty corner :

Say “No” and move your cat away. Send your ca t to the corner by putting it in its cat bed in the corner of the bedroom. In the future, should your cat act up, repeat ‘no’ while pointing to the cat bed. Keep pointing until it goes into the the cat bed for a  time out. Cats being cats, this may not stop the behavior entirely. But it will help.

  1.  Do not reward your cat for waking you up:

 If your cat wakes you up do not:

  • Feed it
  • Play with it
  • React in anyway
  • If you have to get out of bed
  • Do not give your cat any attention for 15 mins

Facts about napping cats:

  1. Cats experience both non-REM & REM sleep:

You can tell your cat is dreaming when you see their body or face twitch.

  1. Cats are always on alert, even when they are asleep:

A cat’s flight or fight response is active even when they are asleep.

  1. Cats’ sleeping habits are affected by weather:

They sleep more when it’s raining or during bad weather

  1. Some cats snore:

Your cat can snore. It is only worrying if they have other respiratory problems.



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